What is GOF?

We are the Global Osteoporosis Foundation, and our goal is to raise awareness of the causes of diminished bone health and to demonstrate that osteoporosis is a very common but entirely preventable and reversible disease. In the few seconds it has taken you to start reading this page, someone somewhere in the world has had a broken bone caused by osteoporosis.

Every three seconds, as you continue to read, another person will suffer an osteoporosis fracture, causing pain, incapacity, and potentially life-limiting illness and injury.

Professor Sir Graeme Catto - President

Sir Graeme was President and later Chair of the General Medical Council until April 2009.

Professor Catto has been interested in bone health for many years. During that period, our understanding of bone health has transformed. Professor Catto advocates better care for osteoporosis and metabolic bone diseases. He is an Emeritus Professor of Medicine at the Universities of London and Aberdeen.

Professor Catto is also the Co-Founder of the London Osteoporosis Clinic and President of the Global Osteoporosis Foundation.

Miss Anthea Turner - Lead Media Advisor

Media, Author, Health Advocate

Miss Anthea Turner, an advisor to the Global Osteoporosis Foundation (GOF), has had a stellar 35-year career in the media. She's known for hosting shows like GMTV, Blue Peter, The National Lottery, and more. In her 60s, she continues to be active, promoting her book "How To Age Well: The Secrets" and writing a popular 'life hacks' column for My Weekly Magazine.

Anthea's recent appearances on shows like Celebrity SAS and E4's 'Real Life Dirty Dancing' have highlighted her resilience and determination, proving that age is no barrier to her vibrant spirit. Her involvement with GOF reflects her commitment to health and well-being.

Dr Taher Mahmud - Trustee

Taher is the Co-Founder and Director of the London Osteoporosis Clinic and a Trustee of the Global Osteoporosis Foundation.

He trained at King's College Hospital, St Thomas' Hospital and Guy's Hospital. Dr Mahmud was an Honorary Consultant at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases in Bath, Lead for Osteoporosis and Consultant Rheumatologist at Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

Dr Mahmud's interests include holistic osteoporosis treatments, raising awareness about bone health and preventing osteoporosis fractures. Dr Mahmud's MD and MSc research studied the mechanisms of drug side effects.

John May - Trustee

As well as being a Trustee of the Global Osteoporosis Foundation, John is a founder of City & Westminster Corporate Finance LLP and is its Managing Partner.

He is a Chartered Accountant by trade with vast experience in private and public sector markets. He has been a director of many such companies.

John is also Chairman of the Genesis Initiative Limited, a lobbying group for SMEs to the UK Parliament. It has over 1 million members within its 117 trade associations.

Vinny Hayes - Trustee

Foundingof Maverick Partners

As well as being a Trustee of the Global Osteoporosis Foundation, Vinny was a founder and Chief Commercial Officer at Somo, the world's leading independent digital agency.

An experienced business leader and angel investor with a strong history of delivering technology solutions for global brands across multiple industries and territories.

Mrs Christina Bell - Advisor

Christina is a Executive Director at AON

With over 30 years of senior management expertise in the insurance sector, Christina is a dedicated trustee and advisor for the Global Osteoporosis Foundation. Her leadership in managing captive insurance and strategic insurance programmes is instrumental to the foundation.

Mrs Bell's depth of knowledge in underwriting and claims functions is invaluable in driving the Foundation's initiatives to combat osteoporosis and enhance bone health internationally.

Mr Gary Rhodes - Advisory Board

Advisory Board Lead at the London Osteoporosis Clinic, CEO of ScreenmyBones

Mr Gary Rhodes brings over a decade of expertise to his role as the Advisory Board Lead at the London Osteoporosis Clinic, where his dedication to health advocacy is unparalleled. His journey in the health sector was ignited by a deeply personal mission to improve his grandmother's quality of life. This led him to explore cutting-edge treatments and preventative strategies in bone health.

His exploration led to the discovery of the innovative bioDensity system, a turning point in his approach to osteoporosis management.

At the Global Osteoporosis Foundation, we are honoured to have Mr Rhodes at the helm of our advisory board, guiding our efforts to champion proactive health care. His vision and experience are invaluable assets in our mission to empower individuals and businesses to prioritise bone health.

Miss Anne-Marie Grey - Advisor / (Fractional CEO)

USA's CEO and Executive Director for UNHCR

In this role, Anne-Marie supports the UN Refugee Agency and its partners in assisting refugees and displaced individuals in over 125 countries.

With over 30 years of experience, Anne-Marie has held leadership positions in organizations like UNHCR, Save the Children, UNICEF, and Share our Strength. She also contributed to cultural institutions in Australia before returning to the United States.

Anne-Marie's extensive international experience includes living in Norway, Burkina Faso, Australia, and the United Kingdom. She is the author of two books and a frequent speaker on international development, partnerships, resource mobilization, and leadership topics.

Mrs Charlene Golding - Inaugural GOF-Prize Advisory Chair

Senior Role in Sovereign Sovereign Property Asset Management

Mrs Charlene Golding brings a wealth of experience to her role as the First GOF-Prize Advisory Chair. Her journey in hospitality management saw her opening five-star hotel resorts during her impressive 20-year tenure with Kerzner International.

Beyond her corporate prowess, Charlene is an enterprising entrepreneur, collaborating with numerous luxury organizations worldwide. Her global reach extends far and wide, making her a prominent figure in the Arab World. Charlene is celebrated for her unwavering determination and is highly esteemed in the Middle East for her genuine compassion and steadfast integrity.

Miss Sarah Andrew - Advisor

Professional musician, the Orchestra of The Royal Opera House

Sarah studied as a foundation scholar at the Royal College of Music and was appointed Junior Fellow of the RCM in 2000.

During her career, she has held posts with The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and has also performed with many world-renowned ensembles, including The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Philharmonia, London Mozart Players, Le Paris Bastille and Mahler Chamber Orchestra.

As a soloist and chamber musician, Sarah has given recitals at the Purcell Room, St. Martin in the Fields, the Wigmore Hall, Bridgewater Hall and St. David's Hall Cardiff, has frequently performed live on Radio 3 as a soloist and prize winner at the European Chamber Music Competition - Le Musique d'Ensemble, as well as private performances for at Highgrove House, Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle.

Since Sarah's diagnosis with Rheumatoid Arthritis in 2022, Sarah has become an advocate for being proactive with your health and wellbeing. She continues to ask questions and seek solutions daily, live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle, and continue her career as a musician.

Mr Matt Hattam - Advisor

Management Consultant, Bain and Company

Matt is a Consultant at the globally renowned strategy management consultancy Bain and Company. Specialising in corporate sustainability, Matt's expertise lies in guiding international corporations and private equity firms through the complexities of sustainability challenges and the implementation of decarbonization initiatives.

With a strategic mindset, robust commercial acumen, and a wealth of international experience, Matt is committed to tackling complex societal issues. He is known for his innovative solutions and thought leadership, particularly in clean energy. Matt has also made his mark as a content creator, frequently publishing online articles and previously hosting a podcast dedicated to renewable power.

Dr Naeem Ahmed - Advisor

Consultant Radiologist and Non-Executive Clinical Director at Oryon Imaging

Dr Ahmed is a highly experienced healthcare professional with numerous accolades for his dedication to healthcare and other ventures. Notably, he was honoured with Prime Minister David Cameron's Point of Light award and received the British Empire Medal during the Queen's Birthday Honours in 2019.

Dr Ahmed's educational journey began at Guy's, King's, and St Thomas' Hospital, where he excelled and even won the St Thomas' Hospital Cup. He started Academic Foundation Training at King's College Hospital, followed by specialised Radiology and a subspecialty imaging Fellowship at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Furthermore, Dr Ahmed is the founder of Selfless, a global health NGO, a co-founder of the MedTech startup ImproveWell, and a consultant radiologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. His extensive contributions and leadership in various domains make him a remarkable figure in the healthcare and public service sectors.

Mr Nick Owen - Media Advisor

Founded Magnify PR

Magnify PR is one of the UK's fastest-growing PR and media agencies.
A former award-winning Fleet Street journalist for over two decades, Nick helps his clients magnify their expertise and quickly connect to the right contacts in print, digital and broadcast media outlets across the UK.

As well as running his PR agency, Nick is a passionate campaigner. He has voluntary roles providing PR support to mental health charities, the Laura Hyde Foundation, and the Frank Bruno Foundation.

Nick wrote both of Frank Bruno's acclaimed autobiographies, Let Me Be Frank and Sixty Years A Fighter, which both tell the harrowing yet ultimately uplifting story of Frank's battle with bipolar disorder and the campaign he has embarked on with Nick's support.

Mr Roger Hooper - Advisor

Photographer, Wildlife Enthusiast, Environmental Advocate

Mr Hooper is a remarkable photographer whose lens captures the breathtaking beauty of wildlife and the environment. With a deep passion for our planet's natural wonders, he believes that photography is a powerful medium to shed light on the fragility of our world.

One of Roger's significant commitments is his close association with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), where he has contributed his photographic skills to numerous impactful projects. His lens has eloquently documented the extraordinary efforts of the WWF in preserving and protecting our environment.

Roger's stunning photographs have graced the pages of various WWF publications, showcasing the splendour and vulnerability of our planet's ecosystems. His body of work extends to several notable books, including "Dotted Plains • Spotted Game," "Art in the Wild," "Focus on the Wild," and his latest masterpiece, "Latitude."

Beyond the printed page, Roger's captivating images find homes in public and private collections, where they continue to inspire and educate about the importance of wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship.

Through his artistry and dedication, Roger Hooper invites us all to appreciate the wonders of the natural world. He encourages us to take meaningful actions to protect it for future generations.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is the weakening of bone strength. As we age, this growing fragility of bones increases the likelihood of fractures. Osteoporosis can occur at any age, although it is most common in older people - the cliché of the grandmother stooping and shrinking as she gets older is one based entirely on the effects of osteoporosis, but this image is not inevitable. The bad news is the condition is very common; the good news is it's entirely preventable.

What is our aim?

We want to empower individuals worldwide to manage and prevent osteoporosis. There are a handful of simple, practical and low-cost solutions to ensure you and your loved ones can lead healthy and active lives. Think of it like a pension plan: the earlier we begin putting a little bit of money away each month, the better and healthier the picture will be upon our retirement. The first step on this path is the test we are currently developing, which will help draw a picture of your bone health and advise on the way forward. We want to see a world for our children and grandchildren where that cliched picture of the stooped shrinking grandmother is an image cast into history. Help us make that dream a reality.